Created by a Pediatric Dentist Mom for Healthy Baby Teeth

Meet Dr. Ashley Lerman, the visionary pediatric dentist mom behind Firstgrin. Known across the digital world as @mommypediatricdentist, her unique blend of professional pediatric dentistry and real-world parenting insights form the cornerstone of Firstgrin's mission. Dr. Lerman's dedication to transforming the global narrative around cavities—the number one chronic disease affecting children—underpins her commitment to providing parents and caregivers with the essential knowledge and tools to build a robust oral health foundation for their young ones from the earliest stages.

Recognizing the critical gap in accessible, accurate oral health information for caregivers, Dr. Lerman launched Firstgrin to bridge this divide. She advocates for a preventive care strategy, emphasizing the crucial connection between optimal oral health and overall well-being. Her goal for Firstgrin is to empower every family to experience the joys of a healthy mouth, equipping caregivers with the necessary resources and guidance to deliver unparalleled care.

Firstgrin, under Dr. Lerman's guidance, introduces cutting-edge solutions and comprehensive support for caregivers and their children. Fueled by her unwavering passion for improving family health dynamics, Dr. Lerman promotes essential oral hygiene practices. These practices are designed not just to avert dental issues but to foster a legacy of overall health for generations to come. With Firstgrin, Dr. Lerman is setting new standards in pediatric oral health care, making an indelible mark on the wellness of families worldwide.


We are for pregnant people, for caregivers, for partners, for family and employers, for the curious and the novice — equity requires everyone to participate.

There are no exclusive corners here. If you're interested in being a supporter in someone's exploration into maximizing oral health, we welcome you.