Firstgrin Introductory Dental Care Kit

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  • 1 Organic, sustainable muslin washcloth
  • 1 soft silicone finger brush
  • 1 silicone pacifier
  • 1 silicone textured teether
  • 1 banana toothbrush/teether
  • 1 Biodegradable children's bamboo soft bristle toothbrush
  • 1 Bundle of individually wrapped, biodegradable cornstarch floss picks

Introduce your child to the importance of oral and dental health with Firstgrin's Introductory Dental Care Kit, created by a pediatric dentist mom. Each box includes sustainable and organic products that are easy to incorporate into an early routine to develop positive habits. Caregiver guide included for expert tips and information.

All products are BPA, Phthalate, BPS and PVC Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Teresa Boers
If you are on the fence, GET IT!

A true mission-based and driven company and it shows. Love how unique the concept is and it’s helpful for every single parent out there. We got the intro oral care kit and every product inside is great quality. 10/10!!!

Oral care kit is a winner

I bought this for my daughter as she's expecting a son next month. It was an absolute hit at her baby shower and stood out as an educational, practical. and helpful gift. The quality is excellent and I plan to purchase more for future baby showers and expecting parents!

Venecia F.
Love the gum brushes I ordered!

I've been purchasing the silicone gum brushes for all of my friends having babies as part of a larger present and they love the thoughtfulness for a stage in life they definitely were not thinking about but feel more prepared for!

Alesha F.
Into Oral Care Kit

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A unique, thoughtful approach on how to take care of your baby's teeth without making it complicated!!! Great quality

Mallory H.
Love it! Made life easier as a busy mom

Helped me figure out and make a plan on how and when to brush, floss, and how to tackle dental care (I admittedly have not thought about my baby's teeth at all before this kit!)